Research Paper Supply chain management
A Two-Phase Approach for Supply Chain Network Design: A Real-World Case Study from Automotive Industry

S. Tunali; G. Oztuzcu

Volume 7, Issue 1 , April 2018, Pages 1-18

  Effective design and management of Supply Chain Networks (SCN) support the production and delivery of products at low cost, high quality, high variety, and short lead times. In this study, a SCN is designed for an automotive company by integrating various approaches. The study has been carried out in ...  Read More

Research Paper Reliability and Quality Engineering
A Computer Simulation Model for Reliability Estimation of a Complex System

S. Raissi; Sh. Ebadi

Volume 7, Issue 1 , April 2018, Pages 19-31

  In today's competitive world, preventing from probable breakdowns can be act as a powerful leverage for managers. They are faced with large complex systems. Hence, the realistic estimation of the reliability of such systems has become increasingly important and it is a vital complicated task especially ...  Read More

Research Paper Business Analytics
A Fuzzy-AHP Method for Selection Best Apparel Item to Start-Up with New Garment Factory: A Case Study in Bangladesh

T. K. Biswas; S. M. Akash; S. Saha

Volume 7, Issue 1 , April 2018, Pages 32-50

  The readymade garments industry is rapidly growing and now it is the single highest export earner for Bangladesh. This business sector becomes an attractive investment destination to the country’s new young entrepreneurs upcoming due to its cheaper labor cost, lower investment cost, availability ...  Read More

Research Paper Fuzzy sets and systems
Evaluation of Factors Affecting the Productivity of RMG in Bangladesh: A Fuzzy AHP Approach

P. K. Halder; C. L. Karmarker; B. Kundu; T. Daniel

Volume 7, Issue 1 , April 2018, Pages 51-60

  Recently, the competitiveness and awareness of productivity have increased rapidly among different industries. Hence, the performance evaluation of the criteria affecting the productivity is needed to improve productivity and strengthen the management of the organization. In Bangladesh, Ready Made Garments ...  Read More

Research Paper Decision analysis and methods
Analyzing the Drivers of Green Manufacturing Using an Analytic Network Process Method: A Case Study

M. Barzegar; R. Ehtesham Rasi; A. H. Niknamfar

Volume 7, Issue 1 , April 2018, Pages 61-83

  Todays, some challenges such as soil, water and air pollution, and severe health hazards to humanity are the results of growing manufacturer in the real world. These challenges are so-called posing risk for sustainable development of the planet. In this matter, the need of achieving higher economic prosperity, ...  Read More

Review Paper Other
Unsteady Magnetohydrodynamic Stagnation Point Flow of a Nanofluid over a Slendering Stretching Sheet Using Buongiorno’s Model

R. V. M. S. S. Kiran Kumar; G. Vindo Kumar; S. V. K. Verma

Volume 7, Issue 1 , April 2018, Pages 84-105

  This paper aimed to model and analyze the unsteady hydromagnetic boundary layer stagnation point nanofluid flow over a non-linear stretching surface through porous medium with variable wall thickness. The effects of radiation, dissipation, and slip velocity are taken into account. The formulation of ...  Read More

Research Paper Probabilistic modelling
[0,1] Truncated Fréchet-Weibull and Fréchet Distributions

S. Abid; R. Abdulrazak

Volume 7, Issue 1 , April 2018, Pages 106-135

  In this paper, we introduce a new family of continuous distributions based on [0, 1] Truncated Fréchet distribution. [0, 1] Truncated Fréchet Weibull ([0, 1] ) and [0, 1] Truncated Fréchet ([0, 1] ) distributions are discussed as special cases. The cumulative distribution function, ...  Read More