Document Type : Review Paper


Department of Mathematics, S.V. University, Tirupati-517502, A.P, India.


This paper aimed to model and analyze the unsteady hydromagnetic boundary layer stagnation point nanofluid flow over a non-linear stretching surface through porous medium with variable wall thickness. The effects of radiation, dissipation, and slip velocity are taken into account. The formulation of the problem is made through Buongiorno’s model, which involves the aspects of thermophoresis and Brownian motion. The set of governing non-linear Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE’s) are solved numerically by using boundary value problem default solver in MATLAB bvp4c package. The impact of different flow quantities on fluid velocity, temperature, and nanoparticle concentration are analyzed and examined through graphs. The physical parameters like friction factor coefficient , rates of heat transfer , and nanoparticle friction are derived and presented through tables. It is found that the wall thickness parameter  depreciates the nanofluid velocity for  and accelerates when . Also, the unsteadiness parameter shows a significant effect on the stagnation point flow. 


Main Subjects

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