I am interested in submitting my paper to your journal, but I do not know whether or not the IJRIE is considered as an ISI journal. I will be thankful if you could provide me with the answer.

Let me introduce about IJRIE. International Journal of Research in Industrial Engineering (IJRIE) is an international academic online journal which publishes global research in the areas of Industrial Engineering. The journal provides a forum for dispersion of research and review articles related to all fields of Industrial Engineering. With an open access publication model of this journal, all interested readers around the world can freely access articles online without subscription.
This journal is included in the leading abstracting and indexing database, including ProQuest . IJRIE published articles can be traced on Google Scholar, Ulriches and libraries of various well-known universities such as Toronto public library, Wayne State University, University of Southern California,….

Please can you tell me how many days it takes long to inform me about the result of acceptance or rejection the manuscript?

you can submit your paper to our journal right now. After you submit your paper, the editor, the managing editor and/or the editorial team decide whether to consider the paper for review or not. Ideally editors will notify authors of such a decision within a couple of weeks so that the author can find a more suitable venue for the piece without losing too much time. Assuming that the journal staff decides to consider the paper, its next task is to find reviewers for it. The process of finding enough suitable reviewers who agree to the task itself can take a while. If you notice after about two weeks that your paper has not yet been assigned for review then consider sending an inquiry to the journal to check about the paper's status and whether there is anything you can do to help it along. After a certain period of time, in my areas about three months, if the journal still has not responded with a decision about the manuscript, it is O.K. to send the editor or managing editor a short polite note to inquire about the paper's status.
The most common responses to a submission are either a request to revise and resubmit the piece or a rejection. Outright acceptance and acceptance conditional on minor revisions are also possibilities, but are rather rare.

Please let me know is there any publication charge for the paper to be submitted?

The scientific community and the general public can unlimitedly and immediately access all content published in our journals for free as soon as it is published on the Internet. Furthermore, the research articles are published free of charge in the International Journal of Research in Industrial Engineering (IJRIE).