Restricting shoulder surfing: A modified graphical password Technique

Document Type: Research Paper


Department of Master of Application, Jain Deemed to-be University, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India



Graphical passwords are the way in which user click on the image or user can select the image to authenticate themselves instead of giving passwords. This technique is more secure that textual password techniques. In this article, the shoulder surfing preventive mechanism of graphical password authentication is given. Finally the login password system is proposed to deal with such type of problems. First time, we are introducing a modified approach is given to resolve the shoulder surfing based on recall and recognition based concepts. Usually it is seen that the most common vulnerability of graphical password is shoulder surfing attack. This research aim to analyze the usability feature of recognition based and recall based graphical password methods and present a technique to apply an image based password that is safe from the shoulder surfing attack. In the similar context, the purpose of this paper is to present an alternative way to apply the recall and recognition based technique that will be protective for guess through shoulder surfing. And this graphical technique will be easy to memories the authentication password and process of authentication.


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