Operations Research
An empirical analysis of exact algorithms for solving non-preemptive flow shop scheduling problem

Md. Kawsar Ahmed Asif; Shahriar Tanvir Alam; Sohana Jahan; Md. Rajib Arefin

Volume 11, Issue 3 , September 2022, , Pages 306-321


  Sequencing and scheduling are the forms of decision-making approach that play a vital role in the automation and services industries. Efficient scheduling can help the industries to achieve the full potential of their supply chains. Conversely, inefficient scheduling causes additional idle time for machines ...  Read More

Engineering Optimization
Formulation of a customer-oriented product and determination of optimum design parameters using response surface methodology

Sh. T. Alam

Volume 9, Issue 4 , December 2020, , Pages 349-363


  The development of a product demands numbers of consideration and customer-based product dominates the present market. This study aims to formulate a customer-oriented product and investigate the optimum design parameters level for this formulation. The customer-oriented product named 'CNC PCB Plotter' ...  Read More