Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Industrial Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology, Iran


The importance of Customer Satisfaction is quite evident to any business or organization mainly because it plays a vital role in any industry. But unfortunately when it comes to health care and more specifically, hospitals, clinics and health systems, enormous rate of failure related to quality and reliability of services which is consequently followed by customer dissatisfaction is reported[1, 2]. And that’s because hospital “customers” are very different than those in any other industry for one important reason, they don’t want to be there. This paper aims to investigate the failure data related to Customer Satisfaction on account of quality and reliability. Number of failures and severity were used to model the quality related satisfaction, while reliability related satisfaction is modeled based upon number of visits to hospital (including its clinic), delays before receiving treatments and time interval between visits. Eventually the model is constructed on basis of quality and reliability related satisfaction values.