Document Type : Review Paper


Pelita Bangsa University



SMEs is one of the pillars that can improve people's lives and is very meaningful for the government. In order for SMEs to continue to develop, even increase, it is necessary to measure service quality and customer satisfaction so that SMEs can identify weaknesses in their business as evaluation material. The research method begins by reviewing the literature related to the SMEs service industry, classifying, choosing what is appropriate for this research. The results of the research show that several methods can be used to measure, analyze, evaluate, and develop products. The KANO method with functional dysfunction assessment to identify customer desires based on attributes can have a significant influence on customer satisfaction. Servqual with a 5 gap analysis model for customer satisfaction analysis, IPA can be used to measure, test, analyze and determine service priority improvements, while QFD is broader. In addition to evaluating the quality of services and products, it is also for development or innovation and is not limited to the service industry but can be used to develop products for the manufacturing industry. Every business needs to be evaluated to improve performance, several approaches such as KANO, Servqual, IPA, QFD can be used as a reference for measuring, evaluating and developing to continue to improve and develop the business.


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