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Industrial Engineering degree curriculum has many courses - Supply Chain Management, Production Planning and so on. However there is need to introduce new course in Industrial Engineering degree curriculum - Creative Industrial Engineering. This course will be designed by Industrial Engineering teachers who have taken extensive and intensive training in Creative Thinking, Design thinking, Lateral thinking etc. They will apply the principles learnt in Creative Thinking, Design Thinking and Lateral Thinking to the problems of Industrial Engineering. It is high time we introduce Creative Industrial Engineering so that Industrial Engineering can apply itself to problems not conventionally considered as part of Industrial Engineering. This will make Industrial Engineering step out of its comfort zone and get into down to earth commonsense problems faced by every one and provide solutions that require lateral thinking, creative thinking, out of box thinking, divergent thinking, right brain thinking . The course content can differ from each institute to another teaching industrial engineering. There has to be a greater discussion amoung academicians of the feasibility of this course, since its need is without doubt unquestionable.


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