A Signed distance method for solving multi- objective transportation problems in fuzzy environment

Document Type: Research Paper


Operations Research - ISSR- Cairo Uinversity- Giza- Egypt



This paper aims to study multi- objective transportation (GFMOTP) problem fuzzy parameters. These fuzzy parameters represented as (α,β) interval- valued fuzzy numbers instead of the normal fuzzy numbers. Using the signed distance ranking, the GFMOTP is converted into the corresponding crisp MOTP. Then, the solution method introduced by [Jayalakshmi and Sujatha, 2018] for solving the problem is applied. This method provides ideal and the set of all(α,β) fuzzy efficient solutions. The advantage of this method is more flexible than the standard multi- objective transportation problem, where it allows the decision maker (DM) to choose the (α,β) levels of fuzzy numbers he is willing. Finally, a numerical example is given to illustrate the utility, effectiveness and applicability of the method.