Organizational Performance Evaluation Considering Human Capital Management Approach by Fuzzy-DEA: A Case Study

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Industrial Engineering, Najafabad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran


In recent years, researchers in their studies considered human capital as one of the most important capitals of every organization and even some of them placed it beyond this definition and introduced it as the unique factor of creating the competitive advantage in the organization. Due to the importance of human capital management, by evaluating the performance of human capital management system, managers can be aware of their organization’s status from the perspective of human capital management creation and perform corrective practices better. In this study, a method for the performance evaluation and ranking of organizational unit is presented using fuzzy DEA. Therefore in the beginning, the performance of organizational units was evaluated using fuzzy DEA and then with the use of sensitivity analysis, the most effective criteria on the efficiency of organizational units were determined. Then using the efficiency of organizational units in the best and the worst states, ranking of organizational units has been paid. Finally to examine the functionality of the proposed method, Foolad Technic Company has been chosen as a case study and the procedure has been implemented in this company.


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