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Mindset means mental attitude. Methodology means a system of methods used in particular area of study. If one studies any textbook in Industrial Engineering, one reads about various methods of Optimisation. Hence it is natural to assume that Industrial Engineering is a methodology. However this paper argues that Industrial Engineering is a Mindset, geared for Optimisation and Methodology is just manifestation of that Mindset. However if you go through Engineering courses - Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, you are taught many methods involving intricate calculations.

It is natural to assume that Engineering is a Methodology.

However for deeper scholars it becomes apparent, that Engineering is a Mindset. Of course this Mindset is manifested through Methodology. However Methodology is just symptom of Mindset. And indeed what an Engineering Education gives an Engineer is not so much the Methodology, but a Mindset that views the World differently, not necessarily in a better manner or worse manner.


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