Document Type : Review Paper


1 Muş Alparslan University

2 Istanbul University Cerrahpasa



As well as social and cultural life, commercial life has also been affected by the industrial revolutions. Because the structures of enterprises have changed how their performance is evaluated, have indispensably changed. In today's brutally competitive environment, it is of great importance that enterprises constantly assess their performance so that they can maintain their existence firstly and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Due to the current importance of the topic in this study, it was examined how the field of organizational performance has developed in the Industry 4.0 period. The purpose of this study is to reveal whether Industry 4.0 and the field of organizational performance show parallelism in terms of evolution. This parallelism was examined in terms of use of the artificial intelligence techniques in organizational performance evaluation methods. Therefore, available literature related the topic was reviewed by way of the Systematic Literature Review Protocol developed by Boell and Cecez-Kecmanovic and the traditional literature review method. As a result of the research, it was seen that the field of Organizational performancehas not developed in parallel with Industry 4.0 until now.


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