Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Industrial Engineering, Institute of Technology, College of Engineering, Debre Berhan University, Debre Berhan, Ethiopia


During my travel to the research case industry to advice internship placed students of our university, I have communicated with company owners that there is a problem related with productivity measurment andimprovement. So that we have decided to assess the overall productivity of the company with the considertaions of potential sub systems with in it. The existing system overall productivity level have been measured through PO-P approach. In the case company six subsystems where identified: technology, production, marketing, ergonomics, values and goals and materials. Afterwards, their importance to the company have been prioritized using paired comparison analysis technique. By using Pareto analysis; technology, marketing, ergonomics and production have been identified as potential subsystems. By using PO-P approach the productivity of these four potential subsystems has been measured. As a result, productivity indices of production, marketing, technology, and ergonomics subsystems are 0.7379, 0.6661, 0.7882 and 0.7156 respectively. This resulted the existing system overall productivity of 0.652.


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