Detection of Pedestrian and Different Types of Vehicles Using Image Processing

Document Type: Research Paper


Department of Master of Computer Application, Jain Deemed to be University, Bengalore, Karnataka, India


Nowadays, the control of the traffic in the urban roads and in the highway have been a big challenges as the number of increase in the auto mobiles. So to overcome this problem we use the detection and tracking of the vehicles using the traffic surveillance system we can manage and control the traffic more easily. It is very complicated and a challenging task to identify the vehicle or a moving objects in an complex environment with various background. The ratio detected of such algorithms depends on the quality of the foreground mask generated. Therefore this project is to present the detection and tracking of vehicles and the pedestrians in an efficient method which focus on trajectory motion of the vehicles and the pedestrians. In this proposed method, the pixels in the background are preserved which can be cars, bikes, buses, pedestrian etc. the rest is discarded as the noise. hence, our proposed method detects the vehicles and the pedestrians as mentioned and discards the rest noise as well in the same time. Here the quality of the generated foreground mask is more to increase the detection ratio. The performance is compared with other standard methods qualitatively and quantitation like this, the performance of the project id evaluated.


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