Modified Haar-Cascade Model for Face Detection Issues

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Department of Master of Computer Application, Jain University, Knowledge Campus, Bengalore, Karnataka, India

2 Department of Master of Computer Application Jain University, Knowledge Campus, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


Amid the previous three decades, the topic of image processing has gained vital name and recognition among researchers because of their frequent look in varied and widespread applications within the field of various branches of science and engineering. As an example, image processing is helpful to issues in signature recognition, digital video processing, Remote Sensing and finance. Image processing models are used for detecting the face. The aim of this thesis is to solve the face-detection in the first attempt using the Haar-cascade classifier from images containing simple and complex backgrounds. It is one of the preeminent detectors in terms of reliability and speed. We introduced a new method to deal with the frontal face images by using a modified haar cascade algorithm. By using this algorithm, we can detect the image as well as the coordinates. The main attraction of the paper is to solve different types of images having one object, two objects and three objects which can’t be solved by any of the existing methods but can be solved by our proposed method.


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