Research Paper Data mining
1. Customer segmentation to identify key customers based on RFM model by using data mining techniques

Farahnaz Ahang; Abdolmajid Imani; Meysam Abbasi; Hassan ghaffari; Mohamad Mehdi

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 06 October 2021

  The main goal of this research is to identify key or strategic customers using the RFM model. In this part after determining the amount of RFM (recency, frequency, and monetary) in, registered transactions of one store in Iran (Refah Chain Store) at a time about seven months from 23 September 2017 to ...  Read More

Review Paper Other
2. A Signed Distance Method for Solving Multi-Objective Transportation Problems in Fuzzy Environment

Hamiden Abdelwahed Khalifa

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 30 October 2021

  fuzzy parameters represented as (α,β) interval-valued fuzzy numbers instead of the normal fuzzy numbers. Using the signed distance ranking, the problem converted into the corresponding crisp multi objective transportation problem. Then, the solution method introduced by [8] for solving the ...  Read More

Research Paper Banking industry
3. Developing a Content Marketing Model with Goal to Improve Brand of Countrywide the Banking Industries

Keivan Goodarzi; Mohammadreza Kashefi Neishabori; Abdollah Naami; Mojtaba Dastoori

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 28 December 2021

  The current research has been done pursuing the goal to present a content marketing model with brand improving approach in banking industries. This study is applied in terms of goal and survey- exploratory concerning the approach. The statistical community is made up of a group of experts including the ...  Read More

Research Paper Decision analysis and methods
4. Selecting Methodology for Developing Emergency Preparedness and Response Framework of an NPP Accident

Muhammed Mufazzal Hossen; Mahmud Hossain; K. M. Jalal Uddin Rumi

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 13 January 2022

  The emergency preparedness and response (EPR) framework to a radiological emergency in a nuclear power plant (NPP) accident should be developed systematically and efficiently by applying an appropriate methodology. A systematic approach is applied in this study to select the appropriate method from different ...  Read More