Facility location, layout, design, and materials handling
Facility location selection for plastic manufacturing industry in Bangladesh by using AHP method

M. S. Rahman; M. I. Ali; U. Hossain; T. K. Mondal

Volume 7, Issue 3 , November 2018, , Pages 307-319


  In present’s, the location selection problems play an important role for the top-level manager or entrepreneur for opening a new manufacturing company or relocate or expand their operation. As an engineered material, the plastic is used for manufacturing a wide variety of domestic products. For ...  Read More

Decision analysis and methods
Decision making in best player selection: An integrated approach with AHP and Extended TOPSIS methods based on WeFA Freamwork in MAGDM problems

B. Nikjo; J. Rezaeian; N. Javadian

Volume 4, 1(4) , November 2015, , Pages 1-14


  The Problem of selecting the best player among other good ones is an important issue in the world of sport. Player selection is a big challenge in all types of clubs, involving multiple criteria that should be evaluated simultaneously. Therefore, an appropriate decision approach for player's selection ...  Read More

A Novel Genetic Algorithm for a Flow Shop Scheduling Problem with Fuzzy Processing Time

N. Shahsavari pour; M.H. Abolhasani Ashkezari; H. Sheikhi; H. Mohammadi Andargoli; H. Abolhasani Ashkezari

Volume 3, Issue 4 , December 2014, , Pages 1-12

  Various procedures, methods, constraints and objectives are studied in a flow shop problem during the past decades. In order to adapt the problem to the reality form, its parameters are considered as a fuzzy model. In this problem, we consider the processing time as the trapezoidal fuzzy numbers. The ...  Read More

An ERP Selection Combination Model under Uncertainty: A Grey-BSCAHP-Entropy Model

M. H. Kamfiroozi; A. Bonyadi Naeini

Volume 3, Issue 3 , September 2014, , Pages 13-23

  An enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can help organizations and firms in their activities like: production planning, purchase, human resource, finance, sales, inventory control and etc. Selection of an ERP is mentioned as a multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) problem. However, several MCDM-models ...  Read More