Operations Research
Productivity Improvement through Ergonomics Sub-system Concern Using MCDM with Goal Programing: A Case Study

Seife Ebeyedengel Tekletsadik

Volume 11, Issue 4 , December 2022, , Pages 378-389


  Productivity improvement is important for the sustainability of the business. However, before improvement it is important to measure the existing system productivity level. In this sense, the productivity of the case company has been measured by using the PO-P approach. Using this approach, the overall ...  Read More

Engineering Optimization
Determination of Optimum Smoothing Constant of Single Exponential Smoothing Method: A Case Study

C. L. Karmaker

Volume 6, Issue 3 , November 2017, , Pages 184-192


  Exponential smoothing is a sophisticated forecasting method that works based on previous forecast plus a percentage of the forecast error. A key issue of this technique is the proper choice of exponential smoothing constant. In order to minimize forecasting errors, choosing an appropriate value of smoothing ...  Read More